Please direct all quote requests for the following standard services to Todd Jackson at:
[email protected]

Tower Maintenance

Coast to Coast Tower Service, Inc. is a maintenance oriented company and though we evolved into one of the premier broadcast tower companies, we never stopped providing every day maintenance to our customers. Through the DTV transition Coast To Coast continued to provide services such as "IN" house tower painting, Re-lamp service, tower inspections, ENG repairs, Path alignment and of course Emergency Service we are well known for. This has not changed and we feel we are the best tower maintenance company in the industry. Even though we are now one of the Premier "Big" project contractors in the US don't forget we do every day maintenance regardless of the size of your job. You still can call our office and speak with Todd Jackson, The president of Coast to Coast, with any of your tower maintenance concerns

Structural Installations & Upgrading

Be secure in the knowledge that our technicians have the tower stacking and modification experience you require and expect. We have handled numerous major tower modifications and tall tower installations and are fully qualified, equipped & insured to perform all major structural tower modifications and installations up to 2000 feet.

new install tower

RF Installations

Be secure in the knowledge that Coast to Coast Tower Service, Inc. technicians have the RF experience you require and expect. We have installed and replaced RF equipment from antenna & transmission line components to complete antenna & transmission line systems for the major manufactures as well as directly for some of the largest broadcast groups and single station owners in the United States of America.


Guy Wire - Pressure Injection Lubrication

Be secure in the knowledge that you will extend the service life of your new or existing guy wires with our guy wire pressure injection process. Our process penetrates guy wires from 1” up to 4-1/2” forcing any existing moisture out of the wires while replacing it inside and out with protective lubricant.


Tower Plumb & Tension

Be secure in the knowledge that you will receive the precise guy wire measurements needed to make any necessary adjustments while our crew is still on site. We use a hydraulic system to directly pull the wires determining present tensions. Our hydraulic system (comprised of high pressure pump, hydraulic jacks & gauges) can measures tensions up to 200,000 pounds. This will allow us to complete the job in one trip and save you another mobilization charge.

tower plumb

Tower Inspections

We feel our Tower Inspection report is one of the most comprehensive in the Tower Industry. The purpose of our Tower Inspection report is to determine the general overall physical condition of the tower and associated equipment from a maintenance prospective. Our Tower Inspection reports are commonly used for insurance purposes. Our report is structured using the following four levels of priority.

  • Keep the tower standing
  • Keep the station on the air
  • Avoid liability risk
  • Keep the cost of ownership down

Click the image to view/download a Sample Inspection Report.

Sample Inspection Report